Functional Training

Financial Basics
Borrowing & Spending
Financial Inclusion
Cash Management

Behavioral Training

Time Management
Customer Management

Outsource Training

Financial Literacy Programme
Personal Finance 1. Financial Products
2. Access to Money
3. Managing your Money
4. Budgeting
Advance Personal Finance 1. Identifying and Prioritizing Needs and Goals
2. Factors that influence Financial Planning
3. Planning in Practice 4. Review and Revising
Employee Wages and Salaries 1. Employee Wages and Benefits
2. Taxation and Government Benefit Planning in Practice
Family Planning 1. Rent or Buy
2. Home Related Insurance and Bills
3. Planning for Children
Long Term Savings and Investments 1. The Nature of Long Term Goals
2. Long Term Investments
3. Retirement
Seeking Advice and Help 1. Keeping Informed
2. Sources of Advice
3. Complaints and Safe-guards while Investing
Financial Products for Rural People 1. Savings Term Deposits and Loan Products for Rural People
2. Insurance and Investment