Company Profile

KREDIT Foundation, Kalyan Rural Empowerment Developement InfoFinTech Foundation is a Section 25 company under the Indian Companies Act of 1956 that was incorporated on August 2012.


Our mission is to participate in the Indian development program and working as a business correspondent for government, semi government sector, corporate and private sectors also. We want to utilize our expertise and using our modern information technology especially in remote and rural areas.
Our aim is to serve rural India through various ICT Based Government initiatives such as Financial Inclusion, NPR Project & E-Governance etc. Our focus: We are committed to ensure the most reliable, transparent and fast yet secure mode of financial & information services to reach to the extreme of the areas in the Nation. On development of a platform and back-end solution to capture and maintain customer demographics and transaction data.

Our operations

A goal of enriching the services provided to clients with as many utilities as possible. We believes in making ourselves strong enough in all service efficiencies that it will proves to be a source of great value addition not just through the Financial Inclusion as a field but to the Nation.


Set up a huge network in Rural area ; Good public image; Knows the customers best and have physical access ; Huge human resources; Experience in financial products ; Credibility and trustworthiness ; Good public image; Minimum cost of capital .


High demand of savings a/c in rural and unorganized sector; Very few SGHs/NGOs are operating successfully in India; Don’t need to incur heavy on infrastructural investments ; Can redeploy its current structure; Already PFM is operating successfully; High growth rate of GDP; Create huge customer database.

Board Of Directors

Suman Mukherjee is a qualified MBA specially in marketing aged about 36years experienced in different line of activity in management, telecom marketing, trained on Financial inclusion program and operation level management.

Experiences : 7 years in Advertisement and sales marketing; 2 years in Zonal level operation in telecom sector; 5 years in operational management in the field of financial inclusion. Experienced analyzer implementer of government projects specially in rural and remote areas.

Suman Mukherjee

Rajat Kumar Mitra

Rajat Kumar Mitra is a qualified MBA specialized in finance aged about 31 years experienced in finance management, accounting and retail management, inducing SAP implementation and other corporate leadership management personal.

Experiences : 2 years in zonal level finance & retail management; 1 year in direct marketing 3 years in administration & accounting sector; 5 years experience in financial inclusion service under BC Model organization.

Abhijit Das is a graduate aged about 30 Years experienced in Inventory, retail and risk management system.

Experiences : 3 years in zonal level retail & risk management; 3 years in logistics and inventory management a years in operational logistics management for rural banking services.

Abhijit Das
Indrajit Chatterjee

Indrajit Chatterjee is a qualified MBA specially in HRM aged about 32 Years experienced in different activity in management, Hotel management and operation level management.

Experiences : 3 years in level Hotel management and 2 years in operational management in the field of financial inclusion. Experienced implementer of government projects specially in rural and remote areas.

Our Partners